1kz 12mm pump

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Servicing 1KZ-TE fuel pump .

The leaking oil will be a red colour, youwill need to use Dexron 2 or 3 for the job. You first need to remove the bash plate to access the lower pump nutI found this the best way to remove and replace the pump was from under the vehicle. Clean the pump as best you can before removing it as you dont want dirt to get into the timing case area. In fact I couldn't remove the bolt from the nut, I could only undo the union nut from the PS pump body.

As I have dual batteries I had to totally disconnect the positive battery lead from the battery that runs to the starter motor so I'd have the room to get the pump with the hose attached out of the engine bay area and under the vehicle. Once this is done you can then undo the two nuts securing the pump to the engine you will need a 12mm open ender and a ring spanner, its very fiddly and slow work as you dont have much room to undo the nuts, the shorter the spanner the better.

Once this is completed you can work from under the vehicle to remove the pump from the engine block.

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Give it a thourough clean with petrol or degreaser, a pressure wash will help get it clean fast. Work on the pump on a very clean and dry surface, working at the flat plate end of the pump you will need to remove the big wire circlip, I used a small flat screw driver to pry it out, once removed I then layed the pump on its back the flat side and gave it a good wack down on the bench, this freed up the rear housing plate causing it to fall out, after a few good slams a wave washer is located directly behind this housing plate curved side faces into pumpunder the wave washer is the end plate.

Make sure that you take care to ensure that all the parts are replaced back in the correct order. Located in the rim of the rear housing plate and end plate is an O ring which must be replaced, its likely that these are the main culprits of all the leaking oil, gently pry out the old O rings with a flat screwdriver and replace them. I used a tiny bit of new PS fluid when fitting the new O rings, this will aid in the reinstallation of the new O ring seals inside the PS body.

I then removed the vanes and rotor, I cleaned all the internal parts including the entire inside of the PS body with unleaded petrol, I then rinsed them off in Methylated spirits to ensure they were perfectly clean and to remove any water from within the pump body from the pressure cleaning, metho displaces water droplets.

This is now the opportunity to check the operation of the bearing which is located on the main shaft that has the drive gear attached, if there is no binding or rough feel when you turn the shaft or if no oil is evidently leaking from this section of the pump then dont bother removing the shaft from the pump body, you will need a specialised puller or a bearing press for this task.

I found trying to remove the front plate and pins extremely difficult, in fact I didnt have to as the bearing and O ring seals were not leaking at this end anyway. Carefully replace all the parts as you found them originally, take special note of the vanes, on one edge they have a flat side, and the other side has a slightly rounded edge, the round edge faces outwards.

Place small amounts of PS fluid on these parts when you refit them, this will aid in lubrication on first start up of the engine. Refit the new small O ring under the union nut, remove and clean this entire part anyway, there is a spring and a control valve under the union nut too.

Renew the O ring that is found at the end of the suction hose, this fits into the body of the PS pump and is held on with two small bolts.During the show we discuss in very basic detail how these units work and why its necessary to upgrade to a 12mm pump if you want to make serious horsepower from your TD This pump can make more power than the crank can handle! There are many diesel shops that offer a 12mm pump. The problem is however it takes a lot of extra parts than just a plunger to really get a 12mm pump going.

The 24 months of research and development went into working out the best combination of all these other parts to not just make power. Due to a national shortage of TD42 fuel pumps, we only have an exchange core of just 3 fuel pumps.

This means that in many cases its faster and easier for you to send your pump in for upgrade.

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Product release — TD42 12mm Pump! How to get one: Due to a national shortage of TD42 fuel pumps, we only have an exchange core of just 3 fuel pumps. More Info. Posted In: On Highway. Brooke Hamilton All stories by: Brooke Hamilton. Why Change Diesel Injectors? Leave a Reply Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published.Page of Go. Table of Contents. Please note that the publications below have also been prepared as relevant service manuals for the compo. All information in this manual is based on the latest product information at the time of publication.

Specifications and procedures are subject to change without notice. This CD may not be repro. This manual does not include all the necessary items about repair and service. This manual is made. In the. In order to prevent dangerous operation and damages to your customer's vehicle, be sure to follow. Must read this manual thoroughly. It is especially important to have good understanding all the.

The service method written in this manual is very effective to perform repair and service. If using non--specified or recommended tools and service method.

If part replacement is necessary, must replace the part with the same part number or equivalent. It is important to note that this manual contains various "Cautions" and "Notices" that must be. It is also. Show quick links.

Hide Hide permanently. This CD may not be repro- duced or copied, in whole or in part, without the written permission of Toyota Motor Corporation. First Printing; Jun. To assist you in finding your way through the manual, the section title and major heading are given at the top of every page.

Always use a torque wrench. Use of special service tools SST and special service ma- terials SSM may be required, depending on the nature of the repair. After completing a job, double check that the vacu- um hoses are properly connected. In general, the ECU controlled system is considered to be a very intricate system requiring a high level of technical knowledge and expert skill to troubleshoot.

This flow chart shows how to utilize the diagnostic trouble code check effectively, then by carefully checking the results, indicates how to proceed either to diagnostic trouble code troubleshooting or to troubleshooting of problem symptoms. This table permits efficient and accurate troubleshoot- ing using the diagnostic trouble codes displayed in the diagnostic trouble code check.

D Diagnostic Trouble Code No. D Inspection Procedure Use the inspection procedure to determine When necessary, use mini test leads. Exhaust 7.Return to Engines and Exhaust. Skip to content. Help Upgrade 4jb1t pump head to 12mm Getting the best performance from your Isuzu, the in's and out's.

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It has a small miss on injector number 2 at idle. I have tested injector pop pressure and is ok. Replaced delivery valve 2 times with no change.

Valve lash is correct. Compression is great. Is it possible to have a small piece of debris in the pump head to number 2 before delivery valve? Any suggestions will help.

1kz 12mm pump

If i have to replace head So does anyone know how to do this or can you point me the right direction? I have searched on google and this site with no real help. So far I have seen suggestions on using a stock Cummins 4bd head. Will this interchange?


Assuming that you have, do the injectors have the 2 shot injection phase? If I remember correctly some engines have a small pre-injection fuel delivery to kick start the burn, and some don't. Also you might want to look at which export pump you do have as the manufacturer specifies at least 3 different injector crack pressures for various export engines depending on where in the world they are being sold.

From memory I saw this in an online workshop manual the recommended crack pressures ranged from psi, to psi. The 4jg2 pump has a bigger head 11 or 12 mil. Possibly the 4jb1 pump body combined with the 4jg2 head might be worth considering. If you have a spare 4jb pump handy you could attempt to swap the head yourself, it is complicated but not impossible to do, and there are rebuild threads describing how to rebuild the pump on the net if you search for long enough.

Here's a guide, but the poster made a mistake close to the end, so you may have to read it through before attempting to put your pump back together.Our 1kz mechanical pumps are built with a combination of original EFI pump parts and the best new performance parts available, with many years of development for optimum performance and have proven to be extra reliable when set up correctly.

JP Performance & Dyno Tuning

Manuel pumps are ideal for when repowering 1kzte engines into any application and for use in the harsh environments when EFI stuff can fail. Please advise full details of your vehicle to ensure correct parts are supplied. Also let us know if the vehicle has an aftermarket turbo fitted. There are big gains to be made from these types of pumps. Prices will vary depending on supplied parts by the customer.

1kz 12mm pump

You must be logged in to post a review. Description Reviews 0 Product Description Our 1kz mechanical pumps are built with a combination of original EFI pump parts and the best new performance parts available, with many years of development for optimum performance and have proven to be extra reliable when set up correctly.

Can provide installation and dyno tuning onsite. All modified pumps come with a 6 month warranty check out our wide range of diesel injection components, and turbo charger upgrades.

Reviews There are no reviews yet.Pumps lots of pumps. About time Send a message with your postal address. Not your average hilux in for a tune up. Standard 12 valve VE cummins from Melbourne for a check up and reduce soot off boost.

Timing and fuel screw correction resulting in healthy gains. Left over JP clothing, see list in pictures for sizes and logo. Send a message if you would like something. Les called past for a quick check up on his beast of a GU patrol! We threw it on the dyno expecting a quick power run and maybe a minor tune adjustment We were wrong. It had just come from another shop that claim to be the diesel experts but this poor TD42 was overheating and lacked power. It was running in the It was just creating excess heat and a dismal RWKW.

We took 5psi of boost out of the car and brought the AFR back to a more towing friendly and only lost. The decision was made to install a few goodies to get this rig up and moving a tad quicker.

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Troubled TD all the way from Western Australia to end the year. Last HP td pump for the year As for water temp it still has its own issues underlying. Leading up to Christmas pumping out orders best we can. Sunday Dyno runs for existing customer that we swapped his pump and turbo onto his new GU. Running small safari intercooler. Exhaust and various finishing touches to come. Another Viper clutch install, JP12mm, dyno tune.

1kz 12mm pump

JP12mm - Gturbo. Lots of the same pump turn up here some with names some without. WodongaVIC Your email address will not be used for any other purpose, and you can unsubscribe at any time. Keen to get more involved with these things Contact us if you have a project. Roof Restoration Bendigo. The Harar Cafe.You have of store credit.

To use it, simply place your order and you will be able to choose store credit as the payment method when it comes time to pay for your order. Our P pumps can be built to your specs from mild to extremely wild. Customers can choose their delivery valves, fuel plates, cam and more.

Full cuts are not recommended for street use. Adjustable fuel plates can be setup so that customers can turn to desired CC with basic hand tools to make dialing in that beast a breeze. Our pumps are guaranteed to please! Write review. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. I received the pump around the exact time I was told when placing the order over the phone.

How to 1kz diesel engine start - 1kz diesel pump - Toyota prado

It was packaged well as everything was capped and plugged. I have put over miles on the pump and it has been working flawlessly. The customer support from this company is outstanding. I would definitely recommend this build or another pump from this company. I have nothing but good things to say. All prices are in USD. Please wait Shopping Cart. Connect with us. REEL J. Store Credit You have of store credit. See 1 more picture. Buy in bulk and save.

Product Description Our P pumps can be built to your specs from mild to extremely wild. Product Reviews Write review. How do you rate this product?

Enter your name: optional Enter the code below:. Customers also viewed. In-cab fuel controller for the P injection pump. Full control on the fly!


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